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There is no such thing as “just a traffic ticket”.  Take it from us, take it seriously.  Simply paying on-line, or going to the Courthouse to pay the ticket off, is pleading “guilty as charged.”  Doing so can result in unexpected consequences to your insurance and your driving privileges in the state of North Carolina.

Some tickets require you to come to the crowded, long lines of the courthouse and negotiate your case with a district attorney and appear alone before a judge.  This can be a daunting experience and is always time consuming.  However, in North Carolina, a lawyer can appear on your behalf, negotiate for your rights and represent you, all while you carry on your life at work or at home.  However, failure to handle your case on its court date will result in suspension of your license, its revocation, or potentially other and more severe implications.

“Just a speeding ticket” can result in an increase to your insurance rates—larger than you might anticipate—and put points on your license that stay for years and can lead to suspensions and revocations if they accumulate.      

Our generations of experience at GreeneWilsonCrow know how to navigate the law and the courthouse to provide you the best service, preserve your good name and driving record at minimal long-term cost and consequence to you.  We work to communicate all potential outcomes related to your case clearly, and tailor the negotiated outcome to best address your current license status and preserve potential rights for the future.

Finally, we do our work with the mindset to minimize all court related costs to you.  

Take it from us, take it seriously.  We will. 

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    “Awesome representation. I’ve been represented by several lawyers in this area, and these guys are definitely top notch. I felt as though a friend was representing me in the courtroom. Accused of a crime? Definitely use Greene and Wilson” ~ Charlie Vereen Brock

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