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“Hello in There”


About two weeks ago John Prine, an American folk singer and songwriter, passed-away due to complications from Covid-19.  Prine was yet another sad loss from the virus, taking him from the long sown American fabric that makes our country so wonderful.  One of his many thoughtful songs, “Hello in There”, is about the human need for connection and consideration. In “Hello in There”, Prine sings of the shells of isolation that can surround the lonely, the less fortunate, and the aged. He sings that we need to all stop, even if six feet apart, and look to those in need and offer a “Hello in There.”

On Monday, April 20, 2020, Greene Wilson &  Crow is partnering with Moore’s BBQ and RCS to provide 150 hot meals to be served at RCS.  While we look forward to the day when we can get back to personally help prep and serve these meals at RCS (with our own hands), we did not want to miss another opportunity to say “Hello in There” to those in need in our community.  Please take a moment when you can to do the same. And be safe.

Tom Wilson


Supporting Religious Community Services

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