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Living in the Future

Where to begin? Since the last GWC Blog submission, the world has gone from the beginning of a pandemic scare, to a world on fire. Writing this on the 19th Anniversary of 9/11, the red-lined acceleration of world changes since that infamous day feels only that much more prescient over the course of the last 6 months. As we head into an Eastern North Carolina fall, under the new normal and staring down a divisive national election, we at Greene Wilson & Crow want to take moment to thank all our friends, clients, and colleagues. 

We work hard here to take nothing for granted, most importantly all those lives that we seek to touch in our work to make our community better.  No matter what divides us in idea, we as a community are most certainly drawn together by stronger commonalities (if we choose to focus on them).  One thing that seems beyond dispute is how lucky we are to live in Eastern North Carolina—a glorious region drawn together by hard work, humidity, gracious farmland, ocean breezes (that may turn angry as a pirate but are generally appreciated), bountiful rivers and estuaries, and of course, pulled pork.  In our thanks and appreciation of where we are, we offer our thoughts and prayers to our friends in the West facing unprecedented wild fires, our cities throughout the country struggling to find peace, those remembering loved ones and lost ones from that horrific day 19 years ago, and all those who have been lost or lost a loved one, job or just their way through the pandemic. 

We will get through this together, but it goes without saying we all miss living in “precedented” times.                 

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Greene|Wilson|Crow Attorney, Guy Smith speaker at Perinatal Mental Health and Criminal Justice Expert Witness Course.

The Perinatal Mental Health and Criminal Justice Expert Witness Course held on July 12, 2020 was presented by a panel of legal and clinical experts in the field of maternal mental illness and the law. The seminar was designed to increase the competence and proficiency of clinical professionals in preparation for the role of expert witness in the criminal justice system, using practical, evidence-based, and case-based information. The seminar lead faculty was criminal defense attorney George Parnham, JD, expert on the defense of individuals with mental illness and a passionate advocate for legal reform of their treatment in the criminal justice system. Attorney Guy Smith spoke about the role of the attorney and the role of expert witness.

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After careful consideration by our state and local court leaders, North Carolina Courts resume an abridged but steady course of business this week—June 1, 2020. Judges, the District Attorney’s Office, Court personnel, County leaders, and Sheriffs and law enforcement, have worked very hard to establish procedures to keep you and others safe.  But, these procedures are only as good as the individual following them.  Common sense remains the key ingredient to keeping each other safe, in and out of the courthouse.  As mentioned in the last POST, please stay in good touch with your attorney to determine if you need to be in court, and put them in a position to resolve your case with or without you.  If you are required in the courthouse, strictly follow the rules as posted or as directed by law enforcement and court personnel.  They are for your safety and others.  Most of all, be patient so you can ensure you and others don’t become a patient.

We are keeping this post short for the purposes of requesting we all take a moment of silent reflection for the over 100,000 lives lost in this pandemic, and the other recent tragedies which have befallen our Country this past week.    

Tom Wilson

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