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Travel Laws and Reminders

Synonymous with summer time is traveling, whether it’s for vacation or to visit family the warmer weather always leads to more people on the road. This makes it the perfect time to review travel laws and other reminders for instate, interstate or international travel.


For our North Carolina natives it’s sometimes easy to forget the rules of the road we use almost everyday. Before you click your seatbelt be sure to set your phone to silent or connect to blue tooth, because texting and driving isn’t just against the law it’s also dangerous to yourself and others on the road. When driving on the highway be aware of police and emergency vehicles stopped on the shoulder with their lights flashing. Give them enough space and switch lanes if possible or slow down as you pass. It is just as courteous to the people stopped as it is following the law.


Another tip before you hit the road is to check other states rules and regulations regarding driving. Cell phone laws and others vary from state to state, it is always in good practice to check your destination and drive through states Department of Transportation website before leaving.

Everywhere drinking and driving is illegal. Buzzed driving is drunk driving, so if you do plan to drink be sure to have a designated driver, or ride- share app such as Uber or Lyft on hand. The extra dollars spent paying for a driver is well worth it so that yourself and others aren’t put at risk.


Flying transcontinental is a big deal, and with flying comes even more polices to help protect you on your journey. Remembering to get Passports and Visas in order long before you depart is a key step. It can take several months for the documentation to process for getting a passport or visa, and leaving it to the last minute may delay your travel plans. If you are renting a car upon arrival check to see if an international driving permit is required. In some places holding a valid U.S license doesn’t cover the requirements needed to drive in that country. As always check the State Department website regarding any travel warnings or restrictions to your area, as well as TSA guidelines for baggage before you pack.

The best part about summer is vacation, and all of us here at GreeneWilson want you to have a happy, safe and fun one.

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The swearing in of GreeneWilson’s newest attorney, Jaimee Bullock

On a cold, rainy Friday morning in September, the Craven County Superior Court house was packed full with warm spirit for a special setting of Court. The day marked the swearing in of Craven County’s newest young attorney—Ms. Jaimee Bullock. The ceremony was conducted by the Honorable Resident Superior Court Judge, Benjamin Alford, and holding the bible as Ms. Bullock took her oath were her proud parents. The event was attended by many members of the local bar and many of Ms. Bullock’s colleagues and mentors from the District Attorney’s Office where she externed during her time attending North Carolina Central Law School (Cum Laude). Born and raised in Jones County, a New Bern High graduate, and a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, Ms. Bullock has come back home to work in the law offices of GreeneWilson, P.A. She showed up ready to practice law the day she was on notice of passing the North Carolina Bar Exam, and has already worked on matters ranging from First Degree Murder to Federal Multi-State Drug conspiracies. She will continue to focus her practice in all aspects of Criminal Law. The Special Setting of Court concluded with Ms. Bullocks’s own remarks which forecast to all in attendance the beginning of her great career.

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Same-sex Marriage: What the Supreme Court Ruling Means for Families in North Carolina

Same-sex Marriage: What the Supreme Court Ruling Means for Families in North Carolina

As most of the country now knows, the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote in late June that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. The decision, which comes after decades of activism and litigation, set off celebrations and tearful embraces across the country, the first same-sex marriages in several states, and resistance in many others.

Although the majority national polls indicate most Americans now approve of same-sex unions, North Carolina appears to be one of those “areas of resistance.”


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